Media Policy


Social media is popular and proving increasingly beneficial and essential to members in communicating and sharing club and coaching information.

The purpose of this document is to guide members, coaches and administrators in utilising social media in a safe, sensible and enabling manner with the overall principle of promoting mutually beneficial cycling activities and to avoid safeguarding issues. It is also a means of preventing any inappropriate relationships or bullying through effective management and the implementation of measures to safeguard users


The objective is to set out the rules to be applied to all social media carrying the FWCC name. These include Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc. The specific groups covered are outlined in a separate document.

The following rules will be used:

  • All social media platforms that use the name of Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club (FWCC), or its derivatives, will promote the ethos and rules of the Club and especially its ethos that all members are all welcome to join in any activities promoted in the name of the Club. Like the aim of the Club, all platforms must promote an encouraging and enable cycling experience for all members and potential members.
  • Several social media platforms are run under the name of FWCC and they are open to all Club members to join. No sub-groups, not open to all members, may be considered as Club sites.
  • No private discussions should take place, particularly between an adult at the club and a young rider. No personal, private or inappropriate entries should be posted. Photos and videos may be appropriate, but, in the case of younger or more vulnerable members, only where parents and carers have specifically consented. No post should cause offence.
  • Coaches and others in a position of trust/responsibility should not accept friend requests from or communicate with the riders they coach on their personal profiles.
  • Any ride or activity that may not be suitable for all members must state the reasons why this is the case e.g. a ride with the stated intention of averaging 16-18 mph or off-road ride.
  • No oppressive or bullying behaviour that may be seen as discouraging, demoralising or offensive is allowed, always remembering that omission can be seen as such behaviour.
  • Obviously, some members will have closed groups in which they organise events or rides. These must be treated as private groups and not use the wider facilities of the Club.
  • Private group rides will not be covered by any Club insurance arrangements and any leader will not be covered by Club insurance for such as British Cycling.
  • The administrator of the group site must be aware of these provisions and vigilant in their application.
  • Contravention of these rules may contravene Club codes of conduct and be subject to disciplinary action.
  • All entries should support the equality and welfare rules within the Club constitution and those of British Cycling.

Any member wishing to raise an issue of misconduct is invited to contact one of the Welfare Officers, whose details are readily available on the Club website.

Committee members have a particular responsibility to ensure these standards are maintained on all social platforms.

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