GPS Guide – Load to Garmin

Loading ‘Ride with GPS’ routes into your Garmin

    1. Connect your Garmin to a USB port on the computer
    2. Open the required route(s) from the Club Run / Time Trial page on the Fareham Wheeler’s website, scroll down and find the route you want. Select ‘Download’. This will open up the ‘Ride with GPS’ page with the route in the centre and turn by turn instructions on the left.
    3. On the right find the word ‘EXPORT’. Clicking this gives you a choice of TCX course or GPX track. (If uncertain, it is recommended you use the TCX option.) Click on TCX and you are invited to either ‘open’ or ‘save’ the file.
    4. Choose ‘Save file’ and click OK.
    5. Close the ‘Ride with GPS’ page
    6. Find the downloaded file on your computer; it may be in Libraries under Favourites. Drag this file onto your Desktop.
    7. In ‘My Computer’ along with hard disc drives and devices with removable storage you will see your Garmin listed. Select the Garmin and you will see 4 folders, click on the ‘Garmin’ folder and a list of other folders will be shown.
    8. Upload the file to ‘New Files’ by dragging the saved file from your desktop across into the empty folder page. You should see it load and appear on the page.
    9. Close all the boxes, disconnect your Garmin and double check the new route opens.

These instructions were produced for a ‘Garmin Edge 810’.
Other GPS devices should be similar.

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