Club Time Trial Standards

Time trial standards are times for given distances which when beaten entitle any Full member to either a gold, silver or bronze medal these must be claimed. If you have achieved a standard please email it to the Club.


Distance (miles) Platinum Gold Silver Bronze Avg spd
10 20m 00s 23m 30s 25m 00s 27m 00s 30
25 50m 00s 59m 30s 1h 03m 15s 1h 08m 15s 30
50 1h 40m 00s 2h 03m 30s 2h 11m 00s 2h 21m 00s 30
100   4h 19m 00s 4h 34m 00s 4h 56m 00s  
12 Hour   240 miles 225 miles 210 miles  


Distance (miles) Platinum Gold Silver Bronze  
10 22m 00s 25m 30s 27m 00s 29m 00s 27.27
25 55m 00s 1h 04m 45s 1h 08m 30s 1h 13m 30s 27.27
50 1:50:00 2h 14m 30s 2h 22m 00s 2h 32m 00s 27.27
100   4h 42m 00s 4h 57m 00s 5h 17m 00s  
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