Food Bank Run every Tuesday evening in February

Food Bank Run

Every Tuesday evening in February from 19:30

Catisfield Memorial Hall


The runners amongst us have probably heard of the Food Bank Run, an initiative started by Sarah at Fareham Running Club.

We thought it would be great if we, as a local cycling club, could help too – and they loved the idea!

On Tuesday nights in February Theresa will be at the club to collect your donations at 7:30pm. We will also collect at the start of the Chilli Ride on Sunday 19th. Please give what you can spare. We will then arrange to deliver the collections at the end of February and keep you updated. It would be great if some of you could cycle there too.

A list of items needed below; more may be added:


Baked beans

Tinned veg


Tinned meat

Tinned fruit

Tinned custard

Granulated sugar

Tea bags (pack of 80)

Coffee (small jars)

Pasta sauce jars

Chocolate biscuits (e.g. Kitkat)


Angel delight

We can only donate in-date items

February is a key time of the year when families are hardest hit. Christmas has come and gone, a time when families feel the pressure to put food on the table and spend money on their children, plus there is a pause on some household bills.

Then February arrives and suddenly the bills arrive when cash is even harder to come by. This is why February is such an important time of the year and why we’re focusing on supporting Food Bank Runs that month.

The three food banks that we will be supporting are:

The Trussell Trust

Hampshire Food Revolution

Fareham and Gosport Basics Bank

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