Winter Membership & new riders

As agreed at the AGM, an option of “Winter membership” is now available – this runs outside of the road race season, so running from 1st October to 1st March. This is to enable riders from other clubs to be able to ride in the Club Runs and participate in other FWCC activities through the winter months. Going forward, this would be £20 for this membership option but as we are half way through out of season, this option is available immediately from the Membership portal for just £10.

Please note also that for any prospective members wishing to try out the Club Run before taking up any form of Riding Memebership – Only those who are invited to take part in club activities with a genuine view to joining the club and who are not already covered by any other insurance are covered by the club’s insurance. A ‘genuine view to joining’ means they may attend one or two club activities before joining the club.

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