Welborne Planning Application

If you are a resident of Fareham, you should have by now received a letter from Fareham Borough Council about a revised application for a new community of up to 6,000 homes & associated infrastructure on land North of Fareham – East of the A32 between Fareham & Wickham specifically.  Anyone can provide comments via the Planning Portal, but as a Cycling Club with a strong presence in the area, we feel it is important that if there are specific views on the aspects of the cycling strategy & road infrastructure elements of the application, that we provide a cohesive response to the proposal.

There are a number of ways this can be done –

FBC will be hosting 2 Community Action Team (CAT) meetings to discuss this application, on Friday 1st February at Knowle Village Hall & Tuesday 12th February at Ferneham Hall. If you have an interest in coming to these, please let us know so we can coordinate as required.

Similarly, if you have concerns about the application that you feel are best aired via a group voice, let us know & we will organise a petition response, if appropriate.

The deadline for all comments & any petition is Friday 1st March

Simon Tier will be coordinating any responses, so please email vicechair@farehamwheelers.com

The application & key documents can be viewed here:

Welborne Revised Application

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  1. Hi
    the older members of the club do not always have access to FB other forms of social media.. can this also be sent by email to all the club members

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