Time Trials

Time trial courses used by Fareham wheelers:

P813 Soberton, Worlds end,Hambledon


P821/25 Wickham,Corehampton,Bishops Waltham, Corehampton, Wickham,Southwick


P821/20 Wickham,Corehampton,Wickham,Southwick,Hundred acres


P823c15 Hundred acres,Newtown,Soberton,Droxford,Wickham


P824 Wickhan,Corehampton,Wickham


P829/10 Hundred acres,Southwick,James Callaghan dr,Southwick,Hundred acres


P829 Hundred acres,Southwick,Staple cross,Ham rd,Southwick,Wickham


P829 HC Portchester lane,Southwick to top


TT Review of 2017 and Plans for 2018

Last Year

We had 1 Open, 1 PTTL, 9 Evening(Originally 10 but 1 cancelled), and 1 Hill Climb

The Average field size was 40 of which 24 were FWCC members which were up on 2016. Overall 60 FWCC riders took part in at least 1 event during the season, 8 of which were Female.

The results of the club competitions were as follows: Vets on Std – Alan Emmott, Road Bike – Darren Anderson. Road Bike Female – Eileen Duff.

During the season many club members achieved the club TT standards (http://www.fareham-wheelers.org/club-tt-standards). There were 12 Bronze, 5 Silver and 8 Gold standard awards. Also, 6 Club records were broken.

But most of all a big thanks to all helpers without whom we have no events.

There was always free tea, coffee and biscuits available at HQ and sometimes cake! The HQ took on the appearance of a club evening with great cycle chat.

This Year

Here is the list of events for 2018(Items marked with * are open events)

Sat 31-Mar* 10 P829/A 14:30 W’ham CC 13:30
Thur 05-Apr 10 P829 18:45 W’ham CC 18:00
Thur 19-Apr 10 P824 18:45 W’ham CC 18:00
Thur 03-May 10 P829 19:00 W’ham CC 18:15
Thur 17-May 10 P813 19:00 W’ham CC 18:15
Thur 31-May 15 P823c 19:00 W’ham CC 18:15
Thur 14-Jun 20 P821/A 19:00 W’ham CC 18:15
Sun 17-Jun* 25 P884/25 06:30 Greatham VH 06:00
Wed 20-Jun* 10 P829/A 19:00 W’ham CC 18:15
Thur 28-Jun 25 P821 19:00 W’ham CC 18:15
Sun 08-Jul 25 P821 07:30 W’ham CC 07:00
Thur 12-Jul 10 P829 19:00 W’ham CC 18:15
Thur 26-Jul 10 P813 19:00 W’ham CC 18:15
Thur 09-Aug 10 P829 18:45 W’ham CC 18:00
Thur 23-Aug HC Southwick 18:30 Southwick 18:00
Sun 21-Oct* HC OWH 08:00 Sus Centre 07:00

As previous years the HQ for most events will be at WCC

In order to run these events, we need a team of timekeepers and helpers. Each event normally requires 2-3 Timekeepers, 1 sign-on and results person, 1 scrutineer/Marshall, 1 number caller, and 1 additional marshal.

Also for 2018, we are running 3 additional events ie additional Open on the A3, South Dist GHS championship and SDC Hill Climb championship. For these, we will need additional help.

If you can help please get in touch with me stating what you can do and the dates you are available.

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