Return of the Club Run

Many of you will doubtless have seen the update from BC re the return of organised cycling, specifically in the context of the Club Run. We can now confirm that we will be able to bring about the return of the Cub Run from the 4th April. Although British Cycling have agreed wider concessions with Govt about groups of up to 15, the Rule of 6 remains for meeting at the brief, & also for any takeaway refreshment stops.
As such, we will be looking to keep the return to Club Runs simple, & safer by using the same process we had previously ie sticking with Pre Registration, & sticking with the ‘Rule of 6’ as the latter especially is what is understood by the general public.
So, we’ll meet again. Soon.
For any new prospective club members, please email Simon at to express your interest to join us on up to two Club Runs before committing to join us
Stay safe
Stay sane
Stay awesome
Club Captain/Vice Chair
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