Results from the Club TT season long competitions.

The Club TT season is now ended with just the pain of the annual Hill Climb competition to come for those brave enough to enter. The Club TT competitions have now also finished with riders best 7 scores counting out of 10 the events held (This year we lost only one due to adverse weather) The majority of events took place over 10 miles using the P829, P824 and P813 courses and one round took place on the hilly P821 25 Mile course. (Note in order to be entitled to a placing medal you need to have competed in at least 4 of the club events). 49 individual club members competed over the course of the season and all appeared to have enjoyed themselves. All the competitions were hotly contested and in the vets 2nd place ended up with a dead heat with both Matt Pepper and  Martin Hughes finishing equal on points. A big thank you to all the helpers without whom the events could not take place. 

The winners of the 4 competitions are as follows;-

De Vere Cup for TT seniors  – James Ibbitson

Full results here

The Brian Gray Veterans Cup – Mike Stevens

Full results here

The Mackley Road bike trophy for men – Matt Pepper

Full results here

The Anderson Road bike trophy for women – Michelle Gall

Full results here

Finally the winner of the Ern Duffet Sheild for the most points accrued by an FWCC member over the Club TT Season goes to Bruce Tandy who participated in almost every event.







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