Invite from HRC please see below

The HRC invite your members to come and meet Russ Mantle Farnham RC the first known man to have cycled a recorded ONE MILLION MILES. or 40 times round the world. Russ who has been cycling for the last 67 years reached his millionth mile on 7th November. Russ will be guest of honour at the HRC annual luncheon on Sunday 1st December held at the Brookfield Hotel Emsworth. with a special 3 course lunch £24. To see the Menu choice and book your seat (Limited number available) contact Rachael at Closing date 24/11/19

The HRC has been given the honour to present a special certificate to Ross for his achievement on behalf of the 300,000 mile club. The national cycling press have already had an interview and taken photos.

For your members who can only dream of cycling a million miles and would appreciate the dedication of time, and effort in all weathers that Russ has put into this life long achievement here is a chance to meet a man who has DONE IT !!!


Derek Hayday.

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