Club Run – 23rd May

In line with the latest relaxations related to Covid19, it is no longer a requirement to register in advance. As such these will now be announced on the website & our open Social Media platforms

Mercury 41 miles Fast (17-19mph) & Inters (15-17mph)
Chalton Reverse 32 miles Social (13-15mph)

Meet from 0850 at the back of Wickham Community Centre
Cake & Coffee Stop at The Old Forge Hambledon (Social) / Sustainability Centre (Fast/Inters)
Click on the ride name to take you to the FWCC route on ridewithgps.
Helmets are compulsory and you do ride at your own risk.
3rd party insurance recommended.
Check British Cycling or Cycling UK for details.

We are currently striving to limit the groups to 10 including a leader, & coffee stops outside will permit ‘mingling’ between groups provided no more than 30 riders are present. To this end, we will maintain our Club Run Tombola of sending the groups to different coffee stops.

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