Club Run 1st March

We have a Club Run with a twist this Sunday, many of our female riders are trialing Wiggle’s new DHB women’s range & these groups will also be stopping a few times on the way round for promotional pictures to be taken. That excitement aside, we will be be hopefully back to some normality after an unprecedented run of horrendous weather forcing 3 consecutive Sunday cancellations.

Nurstead 43 miles Fast (17-19mph) & Inters (15-17mph)

Chalton 33 miles Social (13-15mph) & Social Lite (11-13mph)

Meet from 0850 at the back of Wickham Community Centre

Coffee + Cake at Horndean – Keydell’s

Click on the ride name to take you to the FWCC route on ridewithgps.
Helmets are compulsory and you do ride at your own risk.

3rd party insurance recommended.

Check British Cycling or Cycling UK for details.

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