Club Memberships during suspension of Club Activities

Dear Club Member

As a consequence of the Covid 19 crisis all normal Club activities are currently suspended following guidance from British Cycling/Cycling UK/CTT at least until the end of April. This means there will be no club nights, no club rides or trips including Frome. CTT have suspended all open and club TTs this year at least until the end of May. Rest assured we have considered all the financial implications of this decision and can afford to do this as our monthly outgoings are substantially reduced.

On the basis of all the above and to keep the club going the committee has unanimously decided that we will extend all memberships on a rolling basis until we are able to resume group rides and club meetings. Initially Memberships will be extended by a month and will be reviewed and extended each month until we can return to our normal programme of activities.

Stay safe and keep cycling! Rest assured as soon as we are able we will resume all activities.

Mike Stevens
FWCC Secretary

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